Join us in Saluting Our Nation’s Heroes

This Memorial Day, take the opportunity to thank a military hero. Memorial Day was created in the late 1800’s to remember those who have sacrificed their lives in the armed forces by decorating their graves with flowers.
Today, Memorial Day is observed throughout the country. Many cities commemorate with parades and festivals. At Amerit, we found that there are many ways of showing your appreciation and gratitude to our nation’s heroes, and even the smallest gestures make an impact:
  • Hug a military soldier/veteran or their family
  • Visit a local memorial
  • Fly the American Flag
  • Observe a moment of silence – occurring for one minute at 3:00 p.m. local time
  • Shake a military soldier/veteran’s hand
  • Pay for a military soldier/veteran’s meal


Watch History Channel’s “It’s Never Too Late to Thank a Vet” by clicking on the image below.

Learn more about Memorial Day at

As a certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise, Amerit is honored to work with and help support military veterans and their families as they transition from combat to civilian life. 
Through donations, training, volunteering and hiring initiatives Amerit has been able to help America’s returning heroes and their families overcome their injuries, gain financial stability, and return to a fulfilling and productive civilian life.We actively support our nation’s military heroes and their families through fundraising, mentorship and community service for:
  • Hire America’s Heroes
  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • Warrior Foundation
  • Freedom Station
  • Operation Hand Salute
  • National Military Family Association