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Business Recruiting Allies for Veteran Employment (BRAVE), a service line of Amerit Consulting, is a leading national staffing agency that provides human capital solutions for successful businesses who are looking to hire Veterans. Our skilled candidates draw on years of technical, managerial and strategic experience, as well as leadership and teamwork, to become superior employees in corporate settings.

Why Hire Veterans?


Veterans bring valuable leadership skills to the corporate workplace as successful executives, managers and staff employees.

Highly Trained

Veterans have experience in key fields including finance, operations, IT, logistics, marketing, safety, security, communications and administration.

Problem Solvers

Trained to work in challenging conditions with limited resources, Veterans are creative problem solvers who take decisive action.

Team Players

Veterans understand big picture strategy and work hard with their team to ensure the success of every project.

Allies + Partners

As a premiere corporate staffing agency, we’re proud to work with local and national non-profit and government organizations that support the transition of military to civilian life. Together, we provide career development resources for seasoned Veterans as they bring their expertise to the workforce.