Why Hire Veterans?

300,000 experienced professionals exit the military each year ready to bring their expertise to you.

Why Should Your Company Hire Veterans?

Today’s corporations need skilled and experienced professionals who can quickly integrate into their workforce. Businesses that hire Veterans capitalize on diversity-based workforce incentives while adding valuable team members who are accomplished leaders, managers, strategists, and team players. At BRAVE, we use proven standardized processes to recruit, screen, and evaluate Veteran candidates in order to match them with businesses in search of accomplished employees.

Top Attribute of Veterans


Veterans bring key leadership skills to the corporate workplace as successful executives, managers and staff employees.


Veterans have experience in valuable fields like finance, operations, IT, logistics, marketing, safety, security, communications and administration.


Trained to work in challenging conditions with limited resources, Veterans are creative problem solvers who take decisive action.


Veterans are adept communicators, trained to clearly communicate with teams and supervisors both verbally and in writing.


Accustomed to working cohesively with various personalities, Veterans have the tools, language and motivation to resolve conflicts quickly and smoothly.


Failure is never an option for Veterans and they bring this relentless passion for a job well done to their performance in the corporate environment.


Veterans understand big picture strategy and work hard with their team to ensure the success of every project.

Trained in Technology

92% of active duty military personnel in the U.S. use computers and other specialized technologies at work

Information Resource Management

40% of military personnel have job assignments that involve organizing, managing, classifying, and prioritizing important and/or sensitive information

Military Connections

80% of Veterans find their jobs via networking through connections established during military duty but they require a partner who has access to these extensive networks


Learn why your company should hire Veterans by understanding more about the strengths they bring to the workplace


Veterans are inflexible order-takers and lack imagination and creativity

Tasked with solving difficult problems in demanding situations, Veterans demonstrate a degree of flexibility rarely seen in corporate cultures. Preparation, fast response, and adaptability are key attributes that Veterans bring to businesses.


All Veterans have post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is a serious condition brought on by severe trauma or a life-threatening event. However, per the Department of Veteran Affairs, 80-85% of Veterans do not suffer from PTSD or any type of traumatic brain injury. Instead, most Veterans are eager to embark on a new professional challenge back home in a corporate environment.


People join the military when they have no other options

Many of our nation’s best and brightest young people choose a military career path to further their education and build life skills. A new statistic presented by Mission: Readiness reveals that only 25% of young people aged 17-24 qualify to join the military, demonstrating that the Veterans entering the corporate workforce are among the highest caliber of employee.