What it means to be a Certified Military Recruiter…

What it means to be a Certified Military Recruiter…….

A recruiter’s job is to attract a large group of selected candidates to fill a job opening.  However, many are unaware of all the steps that go into making a recruiter successful. They must narrow down the candidates according to skills, qualifications, and job specifications sometimes going through hundreds of resumes.

Many recruiters have never been in the military and it can be hard to be educated on what exactly a military background can entail and how that experience translates into the corporate world.  Thousands of men and women transition out of the armed services each month and many get passed over for positions because people are not educated on their skills.

Certified Military Recruiter



Last Month, our Lead Recruiter, Kelly McCarthy became a certified military recruiter.  This certification gives her great knowledge on how to read a military resume and how the skills from military positions equate to positions in the business world. This certification also helps to create a better understanding of military culture and how to engage veteran candidates.

In Kelly McCarthy’s words, “Being a military recruiter is very personal for me. Both of my grandfathers served in World War II and I currently know people deployed overseas. Our veterans have put their lives on the line for us, so the least I can do is learn how to interpret their military backgrounds and help make their transition as helpful as possible, and hopefully easier! Learning more about the different ranks, the positions they have held and the responsibilities that fall underneath these has been invaluable.”

Our company is dedicated to using the skills our recruiters are gaining to ensure that we seek out and help these talented individuals.

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